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I doubt any of us reads this anymore. Maybe Amber does, because she's the most frequent updater. But it seems we've all forgotten this existed. Which I understand. I'd forgotten too. But I read the last post by amber, and I decided to update this I guess.
I really don't know what I want to say, or even if I want to say anything. I miss what used to be, and although every step we each take, takes us farther away from everyone else, I miss the bonds that we 5 had. I cherish them very close to my heart, and in these days where I don't have anyone, it makes me smile to realize that I have already had special friendships in my life that no one may ever have.
I wish this had never happened, this parting of ways, and distance that we all have. I know Sam and Cari are still pretty close from what I hear. But with the exiting of me and amber from butcher, things have changed alot I assume. I miss Chelsea, Amber, and Sam a great deal. I never see any of you. I saw Cari a few times when I was still going to school, we even had a class together. But I miss her too. This is really a bunch of bullshit that I'm typing because I'm sure not a bit of it makes sense. But I don't really give a damn. And really...have I ever? :)
The whole time that we were all friends, I was still upset about the "old best friends" that I had lost. I never really paid attention to the ones I had. And now I'm mourning those friendships too.
Its not a bad thing. Because we're all still in contact, to an extent.
This random entry was just to let each and every one of you know, that I love you.
Even if you don't read it. And even if you don't care. Even if your so busy you can't be bothered with the ramblings of a used-to-be-best-friend. I still love you.
And think about you all. I wish nothing but the best for you all. And happiness. And that you don't forget about me. Cuz I'm still around here somewhere. Even if the distance is great.

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