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Oh man. Sometimes I get so mad at my mom. Last night I had to sleep downstairs because there were paint fumes in my room from painting and the Christmas tree was down there so I unplugged it because it was too bright to sleep with.
Well my mom just yelled at me for unplugging it, because I didn't pull it right from the wall I just pulled the cord, because it was plugged in behind the piano. She's like you're so stupid, you coulda just slept the other way, why would you do that you're lazy, you coula burned the house down you're stupid blah blah blah.
It's a fucking tree! I unplugged a fucking tree! Oh man that makes me a stupid girl. She really pisses me off sometimes.

Anyway, sleepover at my house Friday sounds good.
How's that sound to everyone?
Good? Get back to me on that eh?
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