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its thursday.

its thursday. that seems weird to me. this week has been going by way too fast. it feels more like tuesday-ish. hmm. so sleepover tomorrow at sam's? sounds good. i decided i need to not eat soo much junk food and drink so much pop. cari i dont know how u can drink the amount of pop u do and keep such clear skin. u r really lucky. i feel all gross cuz i been piggin out on all this candy and stuff from Christmas. it sucks. mmhmm. sigh. no one has updated this in awhile. at least since the last tim i checked. i felt the need to get this baby updated. oh and speaking of livejournal, cari i love what u did to yours. your comment link saying thingys are really creative. i need to get around to fixin mine up. blah. im drink sttrawberry lime jones soda and its really good. :) and thats about all ive got to blab about so adios ladies. someone call me if tomorrow is for sure!
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